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Lending Library

We have several books that are available for lending. Please refer to list below. Email us at if you would like to check out a book!

  • The China Study: T.Colin Cambell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II, MD

  • Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. M.D.

  • Whole: T. Colin Campbell, PhD

  • 4 Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health: Kerry Graff, M.D. and J.Morris Hicks

  • The PlantPure Nation Cookbook: Kim Campbell

  • Vegan Holiday Cooking: Joy Pierson, Angel Ramos and Jorge Pineda

  • Empty Eating: Chef Bill Collins

Local Services and Resources

Plant Based Doctor

Dr. Dennis Lipton, MD: Vail Health

Dr. Jennifer Rathbun, DC


Health Coach

Katherine Costa: SOL Wellness Design, LLC

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